Harvest Festival 2021




I think I can safely say that our Harvest Festival was a great success.  The decorations were truly beautiful – reflecting true thanks to God for his glorious bounty in the harvest of both land and sea.  This was completed by that wonderful harvest festival smell of home-grown apples as soon as I walked in the door.

The service, led By the Rev Linda, was very well attended and the wonderful Harvest Hymns were sung with gusto, accompanied by Margaret Edwards at the organ.  The choir sang The Manx Fishermen’s Hymn (my personal favourite) as the anthem.  Brian Harris and Anne Strongman read the lessons.  A special welcome was extended to Hilary Keam – who was with us for the first time since  health problems ended her time as organist and choir mistress at Ladock

A Symbolic Harvest Loaf (complete with mouse and made by Shirley) was presented at the altar with some home- grown vegetables by Lizzie, Mo and George Murray.  David presented the wine and Vanessa presented the water, in a beautiful carafe which was given to us by Grampound Road Chapel.

After the service most of the congregation stayed to enjoy each other’s company with coffee and cake.  Our request to all cake makers was answered beyond expectations – they were many and finger lickin’ good!

I hesitate to name cake makers but feel I must mention our three men – whose cakes were truly delicious – Dennis Keam, David James and Rob Thomas.

Vanessa took charge of the catering, with help from her sister Janet, Jacqui, Howard and Shirley.  As always, when Vanessa is in charge it all went without a hitch.

I felt a real sense of relaxed “togetherness” after so many months of covid tension and it was a real joy to be together.

Importantly, thanks to the generosity of so many good folk, several heavy boxes of a huge variety of food were sent to the Community Larder at St Erme and the No Child Goes Hungry Project at Probus.

The week’s special collection of £ 234 was shared between both of the food banks – many thanks to Viv Stalls and Michael Edwards for arranging delivery of the goods.

It is always dangerous territory to name and thank particular people but there are some jobs I would like to include which are rarely mentioned:  Joe – for furniture moving, and Sue and Shirley for tidying up afterwards.  Many of the arrangements are still there to enjoy as I write this but there were some whose nature was strictly temporary and needed attention once the fun was all over.  I also want to say thank you to all who helped with the cleaning - it was still going on when I had to leave on the Saturday.  Harvest decorating can be quite messy but the church was immaculate by Sunday morning. 


So – a huge thank you to all who helped in any way -  from flowers to maize and beautiful oak stums, to cakes and to all came and joined in the worship, the singing, the giving, and the wonderful community spirit.


Barbara Holt.

P S Our Harvest Festival donations led to contact with Eleanor McCartney, who helps to run the 'No Child Goes Hungry' in Probus group.  She mentioned that the team needs a few more volunteers, to help occasionally by collecting food from St Austell between 7 and 10 am or from Roche between 9am and 3pm – to deliver to Probus.

If you are able to help please contact Eleanor on: 07510054838





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