Ladock News December 2021. Messages from our Team Rector and Churchwarden

A Message from the Rector

The Miracle of Birth

Our third child Raphael was born on 7th October here in the Sanctuary. Our older two children were born in hospital, by caesarian and then ventouse. We were keen for the third birth to be as natural as possible and decided that home was the best place for this. The previous labours had been very long and so we anticipated this was likely to be the case again. Running up to the birth, we transformed our sitting room into a birthing room. We emptied out the excess toys and furniture, inflated the birth pool and covered the floor and sofa with towels, and old medical curtains. Roxana made a collage of pictures of our family and added affirming Christian messages to help encourage her during labour. Theodor (5) was insistent all the way through pregnancy that the baby was going to come on his birthday. In the end, Roxana went into labour at about 11pm on Theodor's birthday (how did he know?!) and Raphael was born just 5 hours later. 

The birth itself was truly amazing. When labour started it came on very fast indeed, much faster than either of us anticipated. Having seen two previous births unfold, I assumed we were in for the long haul but Roxana was so strong and so 'in the zone' that I was completely blown away by seeing Raphael's head appear. He was out in seconds and straight up onto mummy. As we looked at him, he still had his sac wrapped around him, which we had to pull off his body. Then came that truly beautiful sound, the first cry, a real shout of 'I am here'. The midwives were fantastic. They stayed back and gave Roxana the space and peace she needed to enable a smooth birth. And, delightfully, because he was born at home, Raphael will have Probus on his passport: can't get more local than that!

As I reflect upon the great story of Jesus' birth, I am struck by how truly awful this must have been, and how completely helpless Mary and Joseph were. Undertaking a long journey to a distant, unfamiliar city whilst heavily pregnant and then ending up in the less than ideal surroundings of a cattle shed, without the support network of known and trusted people on hand to help, is nothing short of traumatic. We trusted in the Lord that Raphael's birth would unfold well just as Mary and Joseph were called to trust in the Lord on their journey to his birth in Bethlehem. Indeed it is a miracle our Lord was born safe and well after quite such an ordeal. The point here is that, Christ's birth was one of poverty and discomfort, that he came in at the bottom of society so that even the poorest could be saved through him. 


With Every Blessing,


Rev’d Joachim Foot



A Message from our Churchwarden, Jeremy Sharp


Christmas & New Year 

A Christmas card containing all the details of the services planned for December and January is enclosed with the paper copies of the Ladock News. For those who don’t receive a card, the details are reproduced below. We will be decorating the Church for Christmas on Saturday 18 December between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon. Please feel free to bring any displays, decorations or flowers you may have. In any case, a Happy Christmas to One and All.


January 9th is Ladock Feast Sunday. The service in Church will be followed by a Bring and Share Lunch. All are welcome, of course.


The planned services for December are:

5 December, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

12 December, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

19 December, Holy Communion 11.00 am,

19 December, Carol Service, 6.00 pm

24 December, Midnight Mass, 11.30 pm

25 December, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

26 December, Holy Communion, 09.30 am


The planned services for January are:

2 January, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

9 January, Ladock Feast & Epiphany, Holy Communion 11.00 am followed by Bring and Share lunch

16 January, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

23 January, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

23 January, Evensong, 6.00 pm

30 January, Team Service, time and location to be advised – no service at Ladock


In addition there is a short service of Morning Prayer every Tuesday at 9.00 am.


The Church is open for private prayer every day, including weekends.


Full details of all the online services are on our website:


Coffee Mornings

How nice it was to see people at the November coffee morning in the village hall after so many months. Dec 4th, 10-12 is our next coffee morning when I hope that you will venture out and enjoy coffee and cakes. January 1st is New Year’s Day and most people will most likely wish to spend time with friends or family. We have therefore moved the coffee morning to Saturday 8th January 2022. This marks the start of Ladock Feast week and it is likely that the hounds also meet up in the Square, so we really do hope that you will be able to come along and meet old friends and make new.

My many thanks to all those who get the hall ready and to those who make wonderful cakes and serve refreshments. All time, effort and ingredients given freely.


If you would like to host a coffee morning or help we would be most grateful. Our aim is for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company. Any profits made go to Ladock Parish church. We aim to keep it as Covid safe as possible and ask you to respect people’s space.


Many thanks



Remembrance Sunday

The lifting of most of the COVID restrictions meant that we were able to mark Remembrance Sunday in an appropriate manner once more. A large congregation gathered at the War Memorial just before 11.00 am to witness the traditional Act of Remembrance, the laying of wreaths by Nigel Kendall on behalf of the PCC, Julie Howes for the Parish Council, Iain Butler for Ladock Players and the Murray children for the School, as well as by Vanessa Morcom, representing the family of R C Caff, one of the Fallen. This was followed by the reading of the Roll of Honour. The end of the two minute silence was marked by the tolling of a bell. A short service in Church was conducted by the Reverend Linda Whetter, during the course of which the Choir sung the anthem, ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’. The service concluded with the National Anthem. A collection of £161 was passed to the Royal British Legion. The solemnity of the occasion notwithstanding, it was heart-warming to witness so many people coming together after so long.


Johnny Cowling is Back at Last

The concert that was originally booked for March 2020 is finally going ahead! Johnny will be entertaining us at Ladock Church from 7.00 pm on Thursday 3 February. There will be a raffle and a licenced bar. Tickets cost £10 and are available from Liz Knuckey on 07971 552771, Ladock Shop and after church services. Tickets from 2020 that were not refunded will be valid still. We have tried to contact everyone on our original list to whom this applies but if you have a ticket from then and have not heard from us, please call Joe sharp on 07816 317180.


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