Ladock News June 2021 - a message from our Team Rector

A Message from the Rector


For anyone who enjoys gardening, it's been a tough spring. The unusually dry weather (only 3mm in April!) combined with very cold temperatures have been challenging to say the least. I know a lot of people lost young plants to the early May frosts, and what the frost didn't kill, the wind finished off. But, God willing, we've passed the worst of it, and we will have a glorious summer!


Since moving to the Sanctuary in 2018, my love of gardening has grown and, well, blossomed. There is something so deeply satisfying, and indeed humbling about planting seeds, tending them, and then eating the produce at the end. It puts life into perspective really. The drama of a vegetable patch is really something to keep you on your toes. Who needs films and tv when you've got the heart-ache of blight, the terror of weeds and the delight of new seedlings appearing. But more than that, the connection to the land is humbling because it connects me with history. It was not so long ago that 'living off the land' was something everyone did to survive, it is something we, as humans, have done for thousands of years. But more so, it reminds me of my place in creation. I look at the seeds as they grow and see that they are good, and am reminded of God our creator from whom everything comes. Every plant that grows into something I can actually eat(!) is a blessing that is humbling in its simplicity.


Reverend Joachim Foot


Annual Report for 2020

Our annual report for last year has been approved by the PCC and can be read on our website: We hope you will find time to do so.


The main messages for the year are that not only did we survive, but also that we succeeded in coping with all that the Pandemic brought with it. The Church was open for services whenever permitted, introducing online worship for the periods when we were forced to close, enabling us to keep in contact with those who were unable to worship in person. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped in any way; your enthusiasm and commitment have been truly inspirational.


After several false starts we really seem to be moving into the recovery phase now. All of our normal activities have resumed and it is possible soon that we be permitted to greet each other and even to sing! We are planning events for later in the year but meanwhile we are looking at ways of marking the passing of the Pandemic in an appropriate manner, recognising the suffering that has been endured as well as our happiness that the worst is over. Our main concern now is to ensure that those who are worried about returning to Church after so long feel able to do so: they will be warmly welcomed.


In common with many other similar bodies we are forced to worry about our finances. You will see from the report that we experienced a significant fall in our income last year. We were forced to withdraw a significant sum from reserves in order to cover our commitments to the Diocese and other day to day expenditure.  Regular contributions have been and remain, invaluable but they are now more important than ever. We realise that there are many calls on your generosity, but if you are in a position to consider making regular payments or would like to make a single donation, please could you contact either Joe Sharp (details below) or David James ( who will explain how the schemes work and provide the necessary paperwork. There are no minimums and of course, all contributions will be very gratefully received!


The planned services for June are:


6 June, Holy Communion 11.00 am (with choir)

13 June, Holy Communion 11.00 am

20 June , Holy Communion 11.00 am (with choir)

27 June, Holy Communion 11.00 am (with Sunday Club)

27 June, Evensong, 6.00 pm


In addition there is a short service of Morning Prayer every Tuesday at 9.00 am.


The Church is now open for private prayer every day, including weekends.


Full details of all the online services are on our website:


Children’s Sunday Club

Please join us every fourth Sunday of the month during the Church Service for Children’s Sunday Club for exciting activities, arts and crafts, games, bible stories and lots of fun in a Covid-safe environment. Numbers may have to be restricted so in the first instance please contact Roxana:’


‘Zoomalong’ Coffee Morning

The June coffee morning will be held on Friday 11 June at 11.00 am. If you would like to take part or need some help with Zoom, please can you contact Barbara Holt by email ( before Monday 7 June and she will arrange for you to receive an invitation to attend. There is no charge but if you would like to make a small donation to the church, you can do so at the shop. Hopefully in July, we will be able to meet in person – watch this space!


Contact Details

Rev’d Joachim Foot                                                        Rev’d Linda Whetter

07930 095687                                                                    01872 530265

01726 882218                                                                    Email:



Rev’d Paul Salaman

07549 292734



Jeremy Sharp (Churchwarden)                               Shirley Soper (Safeguarding)

07816 317180                                                                    01726 882697

Email:        Email:






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