Ladock News September 2021 - - A Message from our Team Rector, Revd Joachim Foot

A Message from the Rector


September feels like a time of new beginnings. It is probably the memory of education that looms over us. From our own time in school and from taking children to and from school. We've had a summer of relative peace which has helped to relax us all after the challenging times we've lived through. We've had the opportunity to remind ourselves of what normality actually looks like; what a blessed relief that has been!


September is, I think, a good time for us to begin to think about how we move on from here. What are our next steps together as a community? We may want to think about rejoining /re-starting activities which have been on hold for quite such a long time (coming to church is an excellent choice by the way!). We may want to start re-making other connections that have been lost, or that have been strained by past events. It is time to really start to live our lives again. Not simply forgetting where we have been, but having learned from it, moving on with courage. The biggest tragedy would be to continue living (as psalm 23 reminds us) in the valley of the shadow of death, rather than heading to pastures new to refresh and revive our souls 


With every Blessing,


Reverend Joachim Foot


On 19 July, Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap from lockdown came into effect. There is now general guidance that emphasises the personal and corporate responsibility of individuals and organisations to protect others and themselves. We recognise that there are as many people who view the ending of the restrictions as bringing additional risk to themselves as those who find the rules intrusive, unnecessary and irksome. We are seeking to accommodate both camps: fortunately, our church has plenty of space and we are able to welcome those who wish to continue to worship at a social distance as well as those who are happy to be in closer contact. There is no pressure either to remove or to wear a mask; hand sanitiser continues to be available. Congregational singing and the service of coffee after services have resumed for those who wish to participate.


If you would like more information or you are concerned about the new arrangements please contact a member of the clergy or the Churchwarden (details below).


The planned services for September are:


5 September, Holy Communion 11.00 am, with Choir

12 September, Holy Communion 11.00 am

19 September, Holy Communion 11.00 am, with Choir

26 September, Holy Communion 11.00 am, with Sunday Club

26 September, Evensong 6.00 pm


In addition there is a short service of Morning Prayer every Tuesday at 9.00 am.


The Church is open for private prayer every day, including weekends.


Full details of all the online services are on our website:


Children’s Sunday Club

Please join us every fourth Sunday of the month during the Church Service for Children’s Sunday Club for exciting activities, arts and crafts, games, bible stories and lots of fun in a Covid-safe environment. Numbers may have to be restricted so in the first instance please contact Roxana:’



The Church will be holding the Harvest Festival on Sunday 3rd October at 11.00am.  We would be very pleased to see you there. There will be a procession of Harvest Gifts during the service and a Bring Your Own Lunch after the service - followed by the Auction of Gifts.   The proceeds will be donated equally to the No One Goes Hungry Project in Probus and The Community Larder at St Erme.


This has been a very happy event in the village calendar in past years - do try to join us.




Contact Details

Rev’d Joachim Foot                                                        Rev’d Linda Whetter

07930 095687                                                                    01872 530265

01726 882218                                                                    Email:



Rev’d Paul Salaman

07549 292734



Jeremy Sharp (Churchwarden)                                Shirley Soper (Safeguarding)

07816 317180                                                                    01726 882697

Email:        Email:






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