March 2021 Ladock News

Ladock News, March 2021 – Message from the Curate


As I write this it is a particularly frosty but beautiful morning and as I observe the snowdrops, primroses and daffodils emerging within my garden and the fields around Tresillian, I am struck that Spring is not far away. The daffodils are particularly pleasing to see as these were the first investment in our garden after we moved in 6 months ago. After getting a bumper bag of bulbs from Fentongollan, we slaved away for a few weeks back in September/October digging them into every appropriate space. By the time this is read, my hope is that they will be in flower (especially, as a Welshman, in time for St David’s day) and we will see the result of our labour. Not having a good record with

growing things, I’m pleasantly surprised by the early results but know deep down that, as with most things, I can’t put too much down to the part I played. I simply took the bulbs that had been produced and prepared by others, popped them in a hole and left the rest to God. My service to God as a Christian over the years has been much the same. I rely on the work of those who have gone before me, play my small part and leave the rest to God – so it is with all of us. We need to recognise that the work we do in the service of Christ is in partnership with rest of his body (the church) and crucially with God himself who always plays the biggest part. That way the work becomes less burdensome and when the fruits of that work can be seen we can rejoice in them (as I will delight in my daffodils) whilst letting all the glory go to Him.

Rev. Paul Salaman (Curate)


Services for March

The latest lockdown restrictions have not required churches to close but they have meant that most of the activities that we have so patiently been resuming over the last six months have had to be curtailed again. The Sunday Club, rotas and the choir have been suspended but we are able to have our normal services. We continue to ensure that the church is kept as Covid-compliant as possible but if you are worried about attending, please do not feel that you should do so. Similarly, if you know of anyone who is struggling in any way at the moment, or if you would like a call, please contact any one of us using one of the numbers below.


The planned services for March are:

7 March, Holy Communion 11.00 am

14 March, Mothering Sunday, Holy Communion 11.00 am

21 March, Holy Communion 11.00 am

28 March, Holy Communion 11.00 am

In addition there will be a short service of Morning Prayer every Tuesday at 9.00 am.

For the time being, the church will be closed expect for services.

Full details of all the online services are on our website:


Shirley Soper - Unsung Hero

As we reported last month,we are delighted to be able to report that Shirley Soper is to receive an Unsung Hero’s award from our high Sheriff, Kate Holborow. This will take place after the morning service in Church on Sunday 14 March. Covid restrictions make it impossible to mark the occasion in a fitting way and the ceremony will take place outside. People may care to walk past the Church as part of their daily exercise on that day.


Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday falls on 14 March also. Normally we would have a special service on this day, to which all mothers and families would be invited. It has been the custom to ensure that all mothers are offered a bunch of daffodils before they leave. Sadly, as indicated above this is impossible at the moment as we have to be very careful about numbers in church, but during the preceding week, we will arrange to leave some bunches of daffodils in the shop for you to collect to give to the mothers in your life.


‘Zoomalong’ Coffee Morning

During February we held an experimental coffee morning via Zoom, with the aiming of allowing those who are vulnerable or isolating to see and speak with friends. The trial run involved some anecdotes and a little poetry reading to break the ice. It was a great success and we plan to continue to hold one on a monthly basis until we can resume our normal coffee mornings in the Hall. The March coffee morning will be held Friday 12 March at 11.00 am. If you would like to take part or need some help with Zoom, please can you contact Jenny Thomas by email: by Monday 8 March and she will arrange for you to receive an invitation to attend. There is no charge but if you would like to make a small donation to the church, you can do so at the shop.



Contact Details


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Rev’d Paul Salaman

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Jeremy Sharp (Churchwarden)                        Shirley Soper (Safeguarding)

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