July Sunday Club News



At Sunday Club this morning we celebrated Pentecost while parents and grandparents enjoyed the warm pew heating, children played and made lovely hats representing fire for Pentecost which is the church's birthday. We also talked about and did some beautiful colouring for symbols of the Holy Spirit such as flames, wind and doves. Some of the children really enjoyed building on their friendship by playing with tractors and lorries as they often do in school together.





Please join us, we are a welcoming and friendly bunch. Your children will play and do fun activities in the children's area with familiar faces from the school and church with Jo, Chris, Clare, Jenny, Shirley and Roxana. For further information please contact Roxana pray.4us@outlook.com, 07927023582

Summer Dates for Sunday Club:

25th JULY- Sunday Club 

22nd AUGUST-Sunday Club






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