Springtime Fairy

Springtime Fairy


A tiny fairy slept in her cosy mossy bed all the snowy winter thro’!

Until one morn her soul was stirred

And she woke to a world green golden and new.

Standing in tip toe she shook her wings

And gazed in stunned amazement,

As all around was the beauty of springtime, The scent of primroses so fragrant.

She tiptoed here and tiptoed there

To inspect these glorious happenings,

An ecstatic blackbird chirruped as he pulled out a worm, Pheasants around the garden were a-rambling.

Daffodils golden danced in the breeze

Camellias showed off their brilliant flowers, Grape hyacinths competed with the blue blue sky Kept freshened by gentle April showers.

Robins and chaffinches, blue tits and wrens Busy nest building in shrubs and trees, The fairy marvelled at their amazing skills As they busily collected feathers, moss and leaves.

Suddenly little fairy had the urge to fly - And fluttering her wings off she went Across misty valleys, rivers and fields And saw birds and butterflies, all heaven sent.

Tiny wee lambs just newly born

Nestling with their mums in the hedges,

Bees searching for nectar to make their honey, Ducks on the river, their nests in the sedges.

Then nightfall came.......and the fairy vanished, Where? To visit the moon and stars maybe?

But....a fairy? Or an escapist creative imagination, For fairies aren’t real are they, or....are they?!


Whatever you think have a happy and beautiful month!        Rosie.


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