Church Notices for Easter 6, Sunday 17th May 2020

Notices, Sunday 17 May


Joachim has started to record services from each of our churches. He started with Probus last week and now it is Ladock’s turn. The service, notices, readings, intercessions and hymns have been posted on our website as usual. In addition, I think you will have received an invitation via Barbara to a zoom service scheduled to take place in the church at 11.00am today. The mobile signal is not good inside and so I gather Joachim will be outside, by the Wise memorial. You will need to have some bread and wine with you. Do please call in if you can.


Just a reminder that the website also contains information on the lockdown and many other topics. In addition, Sue has been loading hymns; if you have any requests please let us know and we will pass them on:


Linda is seeking to maintain and develop pastoral ministry for us all. She has been calling people on a regular basis, but if she hasn’t been in touch with you yet and you would like to speak with her, please feel free to call her on 01872 530265. Similarly, if you know anyone who might appreciate a call, please pass their details to Linda, having checked first that the person is happy to be contacted in this way.


I do appreciate the work of all those who are helping in any way at this difficult time. This week I would like to record my special thanks to Jo Nicolle who has kindly offered to launder all the church linen and to reorganise the choir’s stock of music.


I hope everyone remains safe in the week ahead,




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