Church Notices Sunday 2nd august 2020

Notices 2 August


This Sunday’s Holy Communion will be taken by Linda. There will be no singing but Margaret Edwards will be playing the organ before, during and after the service for the first time since March.


As always at the moment,


  • Everyone will be asked to use hand sanitiser or to wash their hands on arrival and before leaving,
  • Every family group or individual member of the congregation must sit at least two metres apart and so you may not be able to sit in your normal pew (!),
  • We are not permitted to sing,
  • We will follow a one way system when going to the altar for Communion and leaving the church,
  • Readings will be given by clergy  and service leaders only, pew bibles will not be available and so if you wish to follow the readings please bring your own,
  • There must be no physical contact and therefore the usual sharing of the Peace is not permitted,
  • We are obliged to record and hold the names, telephone numbers and post codes of everyone attending the service for 21 days in case anyone present falls sick,
  • There will be no passing of the collection bag; there will be a plate at the back of the church instead,
  • In theory we are allowed to serve coffee after services and we are working on this; but for the first week at least, people might consider bringing a thermos and meeting outside.
  • We are not allowed to use the children’s area unless the children are all from the same family group or school bubble,
  • The wearing of masks is now ‘strongly advised’ for everyone, with the exceptions of children under the age of 11 and for those with certain health conditions.


We want to welcome everyone but the authorities are anxious to emphasise that the over-seventies and people in high risk groups should make their own decisions on whether to attend.


Looking ahead, the 9.00am service of Morning Prayer will take place as usual on Tuesday 4 August.


Sadly as a result of the practical difficulties arising from of having more than one service in Church a day, we will not be able to have Evensong or to resume our normal pattern of services until restrictions are eased further.


Church Opening Times for Private Prayer: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from approximately 09.30 am until 6.00pm. At the moment, the Church is open for cleaning only on Saturday mornings.


VE/VJ Day Service 11.00am 16 August. Last week, I had to report that it had proved impossible to proceed with a full celebration, but instead Pat has kindly agreed to conduct a much scaled down and socially distanced commemoration service in Church on that day instead of the usual Service of the Word. The High Sheriff and her cadets will be with us.


Please free to contact me if you have any queries,


With best wishes to everyone,



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