Ladock Church Covid19 Information

Ladock Church Covid19 Information 

New Arrangements from Sunday 25th July 2021

Joachim has drawn our attention to the latest COVID Recovery document produced by the House of Bishops to cover the move to Stage 4 of the Government’s roadmap. The document focuses on the removal of nearly all restrictions that affect churches and the conduct of worship. It does not seek to impose any new guidelines but instead leaves it to incumbents and PCCs to balance the wishes of those who seek to dispense with masks, social distancing and hand sanitiser immediately, with the concerns of those who still feel vulnerable and are nervous of returning to what used to be termed normality.  Fortunately our church is big enough to accommodate those who wish to be closer to their neighbours and friends once more as well as those who wish to social distance still. As a result, people should not feel awkward if they wish to continue to wear a mask and keep away from others.

We feel it is too early still to resume all our practices during services: for the time being the celebrant will bring Communion to people at their seats, the Peace will be marked by waves and smiles (families will be able to shake hands!). The collection will be on the plate still, but the sidesman will take it to the altar during the service. Readers can use the lectern and the lectionary if they wish, or read from their seats instead.

We will be able to sing the hymns (!).


I am delighted to be able to pass on the news that our ringers will resume ringing before services on a regular basis, commencing 18 July. Thank you, Jonathan for arranging this.

We continue to ensure that the church is kept as Covid-compliant as possible but if you are worried about attending, please do not feel that you should do so. Similarly, if you know of anyone who is struggling in any way at the moment, or if you would like a call, please contact any one of us using one of the numbers below.

Jeremsy Sharp, Churchwarden


Rev’d Joachim Foot                                                         Rev’d Linda Whetter

07930 095687                                                                    01872 530265

01726 882218                                                                    Email:



Rev’d Paul Salaman

07549 292734



Joe Sharp (Churchwarden)                                          Shirley Soper (Safeguarding)

07816 317180                                                                    01726 882697

Email:        Email:




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