Ladock Church Covid19 Information

Ladock Church Covid19 Information 

COVID Restrictions

Sunday 5th December 2021

The Church of England has updated its guidelines on COVID. Because there are no legal requirements placed upon churches the decision about how we proceed lies with the Incumbent. In view of this, we will continue to trust people to make decisions for themselves about their own health and wellbeing. We will ensure that those who wish to maintain social distancing can do so and a supply of masks and hand sanitiser will be available at all times. There is no requirement to wear masks in the building but of course please feel free to do so if you feel insecure. We will maintain our current practices relating to the Peace (waves and smiles)  and the distribution of Communion (in seats or individually at altar). We will cease taking the plate to the altar for the time being, but please continue to place anything for the collection in the bags at the back of the church.

Readers can use the lectern and the lectionary if they wish, or read from their seats instead.

We will be able to sing the hymns and have coffee after the service.

Bells and Choir

 Our ringers will contiue ringing before services on a regular basis. Thank you, Jonathan for arranging this.

The choir will sing on the first and third Sundays and at the Carol Service on 19th December at 6pm. Thank you to Margaret, our organist and choirmistress.

We continue to ensure that the church is kept as Covid-compliant as possible but if you are worried about attending, please do not feel that you should do so. Similarly, if you know of anyone who is struggling in any way at the moment, or if you would like a call, please contact any one of us using one of the numbers below.

Jeremsy Sharp, Churchwarden


Rev’d Joachim Foot                                                         Rev’d Linda Whetter

07930 095687                                                                    01872 530265

01726 882218                                                                    Email:



Rev’d Paul Salaman

07549 292734



Joe Sharp (Churchwarden)                                          Shirley Soper (Safeguarding)

07816 317180                                                                    01726 882697

Email:        Email:


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