Ladock Church Fete 2020

Dear All,

As you might expect, we have had to cancel this year’s Church Fête.  I know some of you have already started collecting, making or growing things so, depending on the Coronavirus situation later in the year, it might be good to have an Autumn Fair or Christmas Bazaar in the Community Hall instead...or even some table top sales at the monthly community coffee mornings.  In fact, if you have time on your hands, and are in any way creative, now is your chance to hone your skills and make lots of things to sell!

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm so far - it means a lot to me.
Let’s keep in touch and look forward to the future when this dreadful pandemic is over.  Please pass the message on to Giles and anyone else you can think of who may be involved with the Fête and who isn’t on email or may not receive this.  Thank you.

Keep your spirits up, the weather is getting better, stay healthy and well,

Jenny 💐

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