Barbara's Intercessions for Sunday 17th October 2021

17th October 2021

Trinity 20


Almighty God, our heavenly Father, you promised through your Son Jesus Christ to hear us when we pray in faith.  We come before you today with our praise to you for your glory, our thanks for your great goodness to us, our worries, our cares and our joy in your presence.


Father we have been shocked by the senseless murder of Sir David Amess, Member of Parliament.  We pray for his soul and for his bereaved family.  We pray for all politicians and those who risk danger on our behalf every day.  May we be aware of all we owe them and slow to criticise before we understand.

We also remember in our prayers those who were injured by the Danish terrorist in Norway. And we pray for all who suffer from mental health issues – and those who have to cope with the associated problems.

Lord, hear   us.  Lord, graciously hear us


We pray for your church throughout the world; for all who spread the Good News of Jesus, some as priests looking after their parishioners, some by preaching great sermons, some by reaching the ears of many through radio or television, some as hospital or prison chaplains and some of us as we play our own small parts in our own small corners.

We pray for your blessings on our clergy in the benefice – for Gregg and Joyce, for Linda, for Paul, for Pat and especially for Joachim, and his family as they settle into new life with their lovely new baby. 

Lord, hear us.  Lord, graciously hear us.


We pray for our Queen – and thank you Lord for her splendid example to us all in her faith and her devotion to duty.  Grant her strength in her old age and comfort as she lives on without her husband at her side.

Lord, hear us.  Lord, graciously hear us.


We pray for all in authority around the world – Father we pray that those with honesty, integrity and a passion for justice and fairness may replace all corrupt men and women in government.

We pray for those who suffer through war and hatred; those whose lives are turned upside down by acts of terrorism; those whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed by floods, fires or earthquakes.


We pray that the covid virus may be fought on all fronts and that the vaccines will soon be widely available in all countries.

Lord, hear us.  Lord, graciously hear us.


Father we pray for our own parish and villages – Ladock and Grampound Road – for our schools.  We thank you for the happy sound of the children in the playground – but we remember that behind some closed doors there is often sadness and fear. We pray that teachers and social workers will have the sensitivity and skills to help children in such circumstances.

Lord, hear us.  Lord graciously hear us.


Father we bring to you, in our prayers, all those we know who suffer sickness of body, mind or spirit; all who have financial worries; the unemployed; the homeless; the lonely.  We pray that they may know your loving presence.

Lord, hear us.  Lord graciously hear us.

We pray for all who have died recently and name

Henry Martin                   Christina Tremlett

Lillian Milling                   Janet Rescorla

Mildred Cocking

Whose year’s mind falls at this time.

May they rest in peace and rise in glory.


Merciful Father,    Accept these prayers     

For the sake of your Son,      Our Saviour Jesus Christ.



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