Barbara's Intercessions for Sunday 19th June 2022

19th June 2022                Corpus Christi

(also Fathers’ Day)

Heavenly Father, we come to you in prayer this morning with praise and thanksgiving for the mystery that is the Body and Blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ as we receive them into our bodies when we take the Bread and Wine at the Eucharist.  We remember with awe and humility the supreme sacrifice, the suffering and the resurrection of Jesus as he washed away all the sins of the world.

Today we look deeper into the miracle which we witness every week here in this lovely church and pray that we may never take our freedom to receive this Holy Sacrament for granted.  We pray for all those who live in places where it is not permitted to worship you or receive your Holy Communion.


Lord in your mercy,            Hear our prayer.


Father we pray for our church, for our diocese and for your church throughout the whole world.  We ask your blessings on the clergy – particularly those in the Probus team – For Pat, Linda, Joachim, Paul and Gregg.


Lord, in your mercy,              Hear our prayer.


We pray for our Queen, after all the celebrations of her Platinum Jubilee – bless her in her old age.  May she have some time of peace and rest as she hands over some her many responsibilities to younger members of the family.


Lord, in your mercy,       Hear our prayer



On this Fathers’ day we remember fathers everywhere.  We thank you for of St Joseph, whose love and obedience to your will provided an earthly Father for Jesus - the incarnate Son of God.

We remember our own fathers.  

We pray for all young fathers, especially those who are struggling in this economic climate to provide for their families..

We pray for fathers who are estranged for their children – for all broken families.

Lord, in your mercy,                 Hear our prayer.


Father we bring before you our worries – we pray for peace in the world – an end to conflict and we especially pray for peace in Ukraine.  We remember refugees everywhere and ask that those who have influence over their futures, exercise their responsibilities with compassion.

We pray for the future of our world – that we can find ways to live which do not destroy our precious planet.

Lord in your mercy,        Hear our prayer.


Lord God we pray for all who suffer – in body, mind or spirit.  We name in silence those who we know personally who particularly need your loving care right now.




 Father, be a real and close presence to them.


Lord in your mercy,      Hear our prayer.




We pray for those who have died recently –


For Thomas Andrews;  for Richard Harvey whose funeral is on Thursday, 30th June; for Claudette Richardson, whose funeral is tomorrow, and we pray for all those who mourn their loss.


We remember those whose year’s mind falls at this time…


Robert Jones

Florence Williams

Jean Hilda Morris


May they rest in peace and rise in glory.  


Merciful Father,

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your Son

Our Saviour Jesus Christ.











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