Barbara's Intercessions for Sunday 20th June 2021

 20th July 2021

Trinity 3


We bring our prayers to God, our heavenly Father, through the love and sacrifice of Jesus our Saviour.


Father, we are like the Apostles on the Sea of Galilee – we feel helpless as the Delta Variant Virus seems to gain hold on our society once again –just as the Apostles felt helpless in the storm while Jesus was asleep.  Give us the faith to trust in you and your great mercy, that the storm will die down and this time will pass.

We pray for all who are infected by the covid virus and for  those who work so hard in our hospitals; those who are administering jabs; those who are having to convince people to accept the jabs; those whose businesses are balanced on a knife edge; those who are separated from families.  We pray for our leaders as they make such difficult decisions – balancing health, welfare and financial considerations.           

Lord, in your mercy         HEAR OUR PRAYER


Lord God we pray for your church throughout the world and our own team of churches - for our priests and all who work so hard to keep the churches safe for us to meet.

We pray for Joachim, Pat and Linda and we pray particularly for Paul as he prepares to be priested next Saturday.  We ask your blessings on him, Christine, his wife and their sons at this very special time.

Lord in your mercy       HEAR OUR PRAYER


Father we pray for our world – for peace between nations, for justice for all and for fair distribution of true riches – wholesome food, clean fresh air and pure clear water – for medical care, safe homes and freedom to live and to worship.

May last week’s G7 talks lead to real tangible improvements and a better understanding between    men of great influence in the future.

Lord in your mercy      HEAR OUR PRAYER


God in heaven we bring our local parish and villages before you – we pray for our schools, for our local businesses – shops, pubs, farms, and all who make our community what it is.  May there be contentment, prosperity and happiness.

Today we pray most earnestly for Hayley and Tim as they approach their wedding day on Tuesday.  May their day be a truly wonderful one and may their marriage be strong and abundantly happy.

Lord in your mercy     HEAR OUR PRAYER


Father we pray for all who suffer – in mind, body or spirit – may your healing, comforting presence    be very real to them all.  We think of

Stanley and Mary

Rosie, Richard, Judy and Stuart

Hilary and Dennis

We thank you that little Ruan  is recovering well after his accident.

Lord in your mercy         HEAR OUR PRAYER.


Father God we   pray for all who mourn – and remember Charlie, Brian and Kevin.

 And we remember all whose years mind falls at this time.  May they rest in peace   AND RISE IN GLORY.


Father, we live in a glorious place – we thank you for the beauty surrounding us, the neighbours who make our village special, the friends who are always there when we need them – most of all for    your love and glory surrounding us.  Grant us that sense of joy as we meet the world outside these walls and take your love to all who come our way.

Merciful Father,

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your Son,

Our Saviour Jesus Christ



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