Caroline's Intercessions for Sunday, 10th January 2021

Prayers Sunday 10th January


Heavenly Father we thank you for this past week of glorious crisp sunshine and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The dramatic skies remind us of your power and control over the universe and give us reassurance as well as beauty.


We thank you for our homes, for warmth and light, for food and winter clothing, running water and internet connection. We thank you also for all the connectivity we enjoy through community, friendships, family and all our ‘virtual’ activities.


We thank you for the inspiration given in these unique times to poets, musicians, artists and writers to create uplifting work for us to enjoy. We thank you for loving debates and discussions on radio, television and other platforms to inspire and guide our thoughts as we find solace, humour and joy from others.


We thank you for every single member of the NHS staff as they grapple with emotion, extreme fatigue and the overwhelming task they have.


We are sorry for our impatience and criticism of those making decisions on our behalf and pray for all leaders in government, business, education and places of worship. We pray for those who participate in or consider civil unrest at home or abroad. Help us to stay focused on our duty to each other and to your truth.


We lift to you the souls of those who have died this week whether through Covid or other reasons. We pray especially for those we know and those we feel connected to through stories in the media. Please give deep peace to those who cannot be with loved ones at the end of their lives and for those attending very small funerals.


As we think today of the baptism of Jesus we know that symbols such as a dove and the voice of God can be part of our lives too. Help each one of us to hear the voice of God this week and ponder His individual message for us.


We know there are numerous stories in the Bible which tell of economic hardships, plagues and mental anguish. But as we go into a new week we can humbly absorb the message from a well known proverb: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight.’


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