Rosie's Intercessions for Sunday,2nd August 2020

Almighty God, we bring our intercessions before you this morning trusting in your steadfast love, asking for your blessings on all we do and giving thanks for your willingness to listen when we call on your name.

We pray for the church throughout  out the world as it struggles with all the problems presented by the pandemic, remembering especially our own church here in Ladock. We offer our  prayers for Joachim, Linda and Paul, and all who regularly help with the day to day running of the church, giving grateful thanks for everything they all do to help all of us.
Lord in Your mercy...hear our prayer.

We pray for our country, our Prime Minister and his cabinet, senior medical and scientific advisors. Grant them wisdom, courage, good health and strength as they deal daily with the struggle against the spread of Covid 19, as well as their many other duties, and pray that decisions made may be in the best interest of us all.
Lord in Your mercy....hear our prayer.

We pray for our Queen, and all who govern in her name, and give thanks for her continuing dedication to duty and loyalty to us despite her advancing years.We pray also for Princess Anne as she nears her 70th birthday, and give our thanks and appreciation for all her amazing hard work and the amount of appointments she carries out each year.
Lord In your mercy.....hear our prayer.

Father God,  we bring before you all who are homeless at this worrying and dangerous time, who have no home or shelter and are forced to sleep in doorways, under bridges, on park  benches, possibly feeling frightened and hopeless. We do pray Lord, that more provision for shelter, security, food and warmth might be made available, and that those who need it be given support, encouragement and help to rebuild their lives.
Lord  in Your mercy....hear our prayer.

God of compassion, we pray for all who are in need of your healing power and peace, and ask that you stay close to all who are with or recovering from Covid 19, are frightened or in isolation, lonely and anxious. And we ask that you give us the strength and understanding to comfort and care for those with health problems. Today we remember Joyce and Charlie, Judy (in South Africa) Hilary, Richard, Eileen, Mary and Stanley, and anyone known to ourselves.
We pray for all those grieving at this time for the loss of loved ones,  and may the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace and rise in glory. Today we pray for  the souls of St Joachim and his wife St Anne whose Feast day was on July 26th. It is with thanks and joy we remember them as being chosen and blessed by God to become the grandparents of Jesus.
Lord in your mercy....hear our prayer.

Lastly Lord, we give heartfelt thanks for the very many amazing things in our lives. For all our frontline workers and their sheer devotion to duty, for the joys and blessings of children, for all the beautiful birds, flowers, fruit ,vegetables and the wind whispering their secrets in the trees, and ask for your blessings on us that we do all that we can to care and protect this beautiful world, and all we can to prevent it’s destruction.
Lord in your mercy......hear our prayer.

Heavenly Father accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Photos of Rosie & Richard's and Gail & David's beautiful gardens

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