Shirley's Easter Sunday Intercessions, 4th April 2021

 Prayers for Easter Sunday 2021

Christ is Risen

He is Risen indeed


Almighty and everlasting God we meet with Joy to worship you this Easter day. And our joy is this, that he who was crucified died and buried is now alive for ever more, our risen and reigning Lord.

As we celebrate his triumph, we pray that his joy can abide in our hearts and that our lives may proclaim his praise.

To him be glory for ever and ever.


Jesus Christ is alive in the midst of his people here today

Lord help us to be sensitive to your presence;

Give us ears to hear your word;

Give us heart to feel your love;

Give us minds to understand your truth;

Give us wills to practise what you preach;

All to your glory.


Lord in thy mercy …. Hear our prayer

Strengthen your church to be the body of Christ at work within the world…… Heal our divisions and imperfections, make whole this visible body so that it may truly reflect his glorious body. Give grace to ministers of the Gospel in proclaiming the message of the resurrection.

Let us pray that the joy of the resurrection may be known throughout the world and that those who are ignorant of the love of Christ may feel his presence and share his risen life…… May all human endeavour become part of the new creation and the life without end.

This Easter time may we reflect upon this past year which has brought trials and tribulation to so many throughout the world. Life for so many has changed. Grant to all who suffer the knowledge of where true healing is found. Heal the hurt and broken bodies, give peace to troubled mines, restore hope to the grieved and anxious spirits----- Lead all human sorrow through the pain of the dying Christ to the joy of his human resurrection.

Give grace this Easter time to heal any wounds and differences with families, friends and neighbours… By the offering and acceptance of pardon where there has been wrong, may we know together the fullness of Easter life.

Lord in thy Mercy- Hear our Pray


Heavenly Father let us take a moment to ponder and give grateful thanks on the wonders of this beautiful world you have given us.

Help us to preserve our planet and do all we can to aid its existence.

We thank you for the beauty of our flora and fauna. Let us take joy in watching the leaves unfurl on our trees, the abundance of wild flowers which surround us and the insects which are eager to pollinate the flowers. Let us never take for granted these wonders.

Lord in thy Mercy --- Hear our prayer


We pray for those who govern our land and sit in high authority. We especially remember Boris Johnson our PM.

As head of the church of England we pray for Elizabeth our Queen and her husband Prince Philip and all the Royal Family.

This morning we remember and pray for those in our own community who are unable to be with us today.

This Easter Sunday we especially pray for those who will take their marriage vows in Ladock church this year, some of whom have had to wait such a long time to get married here. We pray that their lives will be blessed and that they will have long and happy marriages.

Lord in thy Mercy------------------ Hear our prayer



Lord we think of those within our community who struggle in mind, body or spirit.

We ask you to bless and be with, Richard, Rosie, Judy and Stuart, Brian, Joyce, Charlie and Kevin, Ian and Barbara, Mary and Stanley. Let us take a moment to remember any known especially to us.

Heavenly father we ask you to be with those throughout the world and here in Cornwall who have recently been bereaved and this morning we especially remember Liz Pomeroy and her children.

We pray for those who have died in faith, remembering Stephen Pomeroy.

We bring to mind any whose years mind falls at this time.

May they rest in peace and rise in Glory.



Merciful Lord accept these humble prayers for the sake of thy dear son Jesus Christ.







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