Shirley's Intercessions for Epiphany, Sunday 3rd January 2021

Epiphany January 3rd 2021

 Through the Magi the Christ child Jesus is revealed to the Gentiles.

Arise and shine for the Light of the world has come.

Lord, we come to you today humbly in the assurance that you are with us now.

O God, who by the leading of a star manifested your only son to the people of the earth, lead us, who know you now by faith to your presence when we may see your glory face to face through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.

God of light shining in the darkness through a little child born in Bethlehem. You open to us the treasure of your grace. Let your light shine our way as once it guided the steps of the Magi. Help us to search diligently for him so that we too may offer our lives to the Lord with thanksgiving, joy and praise.

Lord in thy Mercy


As the Magi were led to worship the infant Jesus, so lead your church to know more clearly and to do your work on earth faithfully….. give us deeper reverence in worship, humbly to adore the mystery of the incarnation.

As we enter 2021 may we do so with thanks, joy and anticipation of all that this coming year may bring to each and every one of us.

We ask for your forgiveness, comfort, patience, protection and above all your love as we tread into the uncertain times ahead of us. Let us never feel that we are ever truly alone.

Together Father we pray with hope for a bright future.

Lord in thy Mercy


Father we give you thanks for our clergy here in the Probus Team. Give them courage, wisdom and enlightenment.

We pray for our Prime Minister, his government and those in high authority. We ask you Father to guide them through the Brexit deals and the changes this may bring. Help them guide us through the Covid epidemic in the best way that they know how given specialist knowledge, advice and the nature of the disease.

We give our heartfelt thanks for the work scientists have performed to deliver to us vaccines that will protect us from Covid 19.

Let us pray for her Majesty, Elizabeth Our Queen and all the Royal family.

Lord in thy Mercy


Heavenly Father we pray for our world blighted by this frightening virus that is sweeping our planet cause distress, illness and sadness to so many.

Our lives have been turned upside down by restrictions and consequences of this illness. Let us look to the future with a positive attitude and look to a time when restrictions and isolation may be a thing of the past.

Father we ask that you care for each and every one of us, our friends, family and neighbours. We ask for your mercy upon all those infected and who have the disease and all who care for them.  Lord we especially ask you to be with carers in whatever setting of care they come from. Many of whom are frightened and weary from the unceasing need of their skills.

Father we pray that you may give them courage, rest, refreshment and faith.

Lord in thy Mercy


Let us together fulfil your word Father by caring for the needy and oppressed. Let us learn to use the gifts and talents that you have bestowed upon us and put them to good use for the benefit of helping those in distress without counting the cost. Let we make this a part of our daily lives to help where we can in our own community. Make us witnesses to your truth through the quiet offering of our lives.

We remember and pray for all those who suffer whether in mind, body or spirit throughout our world and we remember those especially known to us in our parish. We pray for Richard, Rosie, Judy and Stuart, Mary Goodman, Ian and Barbara, Joyce and Charlie, Mrs Cordingly, Rita Goldsmith and the improvement in the health of Debbie Seccombe Stephens and Renfree.

We ask your blessing Lord on our homes this Epiphany and all who live in them.

Have mercy on all our children, the neglected, homeless and oppressed and persecuted.

Lord Comfort all who mourn and for those who have died in the knowledge that they are free from all suffering and close to you now. We remember

Lulu and Dante’, Elaine Morcom, Graham, Vanessa and extended family.

We pray for those who have recently departed this life, remembering, Gerald Morcom and Baby Ben. May they rest in peace and rise in Glory.


God of Heaven and earth, from the breath of your love, care for creation of our world. We are amazed at the vast beauty of the night sky and at the intimate nature of the love you have for us your children.

Be our daily star.

Guiding our lives to search for kingdom love.

May we always follow your light of truth in all that we do, forever trusting, hoping and believing your word.

Lift our eyes tonight to see your eternal life shining brightly leading us home.



Lo the Eastern sages rise,

At a signal in the skies

Brighter than the brightest Gem,

Tis the star of Bethlehem.


Brighter than the brightest Gem

Tis the star of Bethlehem




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