Shirley's Intercessions for Sunday 1st November 2020

All Saints Day, November 2020 at Ladock Parish church. 

As we gather here today or within our homes on All Saints Day may we pray with humbleness and confidence Lord that the church may build on the foundation of the Saints. Be faithful to the teaching of Jesus so that in all her life she may reveal his likeness………… Let our prayers be united with the praise of the blessed in heaven.

We pray for our world that is so often deaf to the only teaching that can bring true joy…. Grant to our generation the spirit that inspired the saints, that all may walk in the way of righteousness.

Teach us Lord to recognise the holiness of other people.

Give to us, our families and friends, grace to live as Jesus taught his disciples.

Lord in thy Mercy----------------- Hear our prayer


Lord we thank you for the past week and for the joys and sorrows that daily cross our lives. Let us always heed your love and care and remember the great Beatitudes that God has poured upon each and everyone of us and rejoice and be thankful for our reward as those who have already gone before us.

Lord in thy Mercy ----------------- Hear our Prayer


We thank you Father for the great ministry here with our church and much wider community. We thank you for sending Joachim, Linda and Paul to minister to our needs not only within the church but also to those in our community which is so important. Father we pray for them and ask that you will give them strength and spiritual guidance as they go about their ministry.

We pray for the leaders of our Nation, who have difficult decisions to make on our behalf. Let them be guided by those in knowledge and authority in their differing fields and let them all always be guided by you.

Our prayers reach out today Lord to her Majesty our longstanding Queen and her husband Prince Philip, both now in their twilight years. We pray that they will continue to remain in good health and that her Majesty as Sovereign will reign supreme for the rest of her life guided by you, bringing with her joy that she bestows to the many millions of her subjects within the commonwealth.

Lord in thy Mercy----- hear our prayer

Lord we pray for our world as it is consumed by the deadly Covid virus.

Many are at a loss as to what is best to do, where to go, what to think and how to stop this devastating virus. The unrest, anxiety and how it is affecting every aspect of our daily lives is all consuming.

King George VI used the words of the poem ‘The Gate’ in his 1939 Christmas Broadcast to his subjects on the outbreak of war. “ I said to the man who stood at the gate of the years, give me a light that I may tread faithfully into the unknown, and he replied, Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God, that shall be to you better than life and safer than a known way”.

As we have heard in Revelations this morning, that is what the multitude from every nation and tribe did. They listened, believed, trusted and worshiped God. They followed him and all were fed and protected by him.

May we pray that our church, community, country and world will also put their hand into the hand of God.

Lord in thy Mercy---- Hear our Prayer

Heavenly Father we pray for our wonderful world and ask that you guide us to care for it for future generations. Educate us so that we may not destroy the beauty that you have given us.

We pray for our trees and woodlands, our farmland and parks, our flowers and vegetables, our cattle and birds, our oceans, fish and crustaceans, our water supply and the air we breathe.

As the autumn days pass may we watch the beauty of colour as leaves fall and crisply dance in the wind. Let us enjoy and celebrate all that you have brought us.

We pray for ourselves and others. Forgive us when we fall short Father and let us come to you and say ‘sorry ‘and try harder in future.

Let us make time for others, a few words or a friendly nod of acknowledgement can warm another’s day.

Let us learn to walk in others shoes and not be quick to judge.

Let us learn Father to truly love one another.

Lord in thy Mercy---Hear our prayer

We remember in our prayers all who may be struggling at this time. Our doctors, nurses and hospital staff as the burden of the Corona illness again sweeps the country.

We pray for those who are angry, reticent or saddened by our restrictions. Those physically and mentally unwell. May they receive the care they so desperately need.

Close to home we remember and pray for those whom we know to be struggling with health; Richard and Rosie, Charlie and Joyce, Rita Goldsmith, Mary and Stanley, Renfree, Ian and any known personally to us.

Lord be with them and carry them when they struggle.

Lord in thy Mercy ------ Hear our Pray

We pray for those who mourn at this time and ask Lord that you will be with them in their grief.

Heavenly father grant to the faithful departed a share in the inheritance of the saints. As we offer our prayers for them, may their heavenly prayers avail for us as we continue our earthly pilgrimage  ….. Bring us at last to the same blessedness.

May we call to years mind to today the soul of Ian Murray and any others that may be known to us personally.

May they rest in peace  ---and rise in Glory


Heavenly Father accept these prayers for the sake of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen



The Gate

“I said to the man who stood at the gate of the Year”

Minnie Haskins 1875-1957





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