Shirley's Intercessions for Sunday, 6th June

Prayers Trinity 1. June 6th 2021


Almighty God and Father, help us to be still in your presence, that we may know ourselves to be your people and you to be our God; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Father in this fast and noisy world where quietness is at a premium: give us the patience to listen, the faith to hear, and the strength to obey.

Father we thank you for this past week with all the joys and sorrows it has brought us.

Make your church constant in all duties laid upon her while looking always to the greater calling beyond this world…… Heal her divisions and make her one in love, so no evil can enter.

Come to the rulers of this world and make them know themselves to be responsible only to you, the Ruler of all. Give to all who desire the good of humanity a shared will and a common purpose to work freely together.

Be close to us our families, healing the doubts and conflicts that may trouble us. Teach us also to know that all are members of our family because they are yours. As Mark 3 quotes ‘ Who are my mother and my brothers’?  and Jesus said ‘Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother’.

Lord, have mercy on all who have lost the power to resist the attacks of evil. Bless and enable those who work to relieve their suffering. Empower and protect healers of the mind and spirit.

Lord in thy Mercy - hear our prayer

Father we ask you to be with us as Cornwall hosts the G7 summit shortly. We pray for the safety of all involved and pray that talks will be productive and peaceful to enhance and care for the world.

Lord, we ask you to care for all those who are in Cornwall to refresh themselves after many months of being severely restricted. May Cornwall’s visitors and local population respect each other as numbers in the county rise.

We pray for all those who are unfamiliar with our roads, cliffs and sea patterns. Lord keep them safe and we thank our services who aim to protect those on our roads, beaches and                                                                     sea.

We pray for all the young people who have left school and look to the future following a disastrous educational year for them. May they not lose heart but go on to lead productive lives in whatever they do.

As, finally some sunshine comes to Cornwall we give thanks for the warmth it brings to our crops and gardens. We remember and pray for all farmers as they harvest crops and grass to put fodder down for the lean months of the year.

Lord in thy Mercy- hear our prayer


Father we thank you for the clergy of our Team and all who serve in whatever capacity to bring the word of the Lord to us in our church building and also online for those who continue to shield at the present time.

We pray for Elizabeth our Queen and her family as they once again make their physical presence known to us, despite their recent bereavement.

As we slowly emerge from Lockdown, may we continue to be careful and cautious. Let us remember in our prayers those who continue to shield or are too frightened to emerge into life once more.

Lord in thy mercy- hear our prayer


Heavenly Father we ask that there be peace in our world and that we may learn to live together in peace and harmony. We pray for zones battered and bombed indiscriminately, where the innocent are victims of war. Where young children are killed or maimed. Where they are orphaned and traumatised; where children have had to witness events that no eyes should ever have to see; where children and adults live daily in terror.

Lord, we ask you to have mercy on them all and ask for you to care for them as only you know how.

Lord we pray for peace.

Lord in thy Mercy- Hear our prayer


Almighty God, whose son our Lord Jesus was made perfect by the things that he suffered: have compassion on those who are passing through illness and pain. Uphold their faith, that they trust and not be afraid; and give them comfort and strength of your presence, for your tender mercy sake.

In our own parish we remember Ian and Barbara, Richard and Rosie, Judy and Stuart, in South Africa, Peter Kingcome, Mary and Stanley, Gail and David, Anne and any who may be known personally to us.

Lord in thy Mercy – hear our prayer


We remember those who mourn and especially remember Charlie, Kevin and Brian this morning.

As Jesus was raised from the dead, so grant resurrection and new life to those who have died trusting in him….. Though their outward bodies have perished, clothe them in new garments of salvation.

This morning we especially remember the soul of Joyce Crowle.

May they rest in peace and rise in Glory.


Merciful Lord accept these prayers for sake of thy dear son Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen



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