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Coffee Mornings
News of our Monthly Community Coffee Mornings

Evensong at St Ladoca's Holy Well at Fentonladock on 23rd July 2017
Evensong news and photos

Ladock Church Annual Fete 2017
Read this year's Fete report by our brilliant organiser, Suzanne Warring.

Landevennac Discovery Day
Come and find out about a pilgrimage to a Benedictine Monastery in Brittany

News September 2017 by Rev Ellie Goldsmith
Read Rev Ellie Goldsmith's September 2017 newsletter

Reverend Ellie Goldsmith's August 2017 Newsletter
Read Reverend Ellie's August 2017 Newsletter

Reverend Ellie Goldsmith's October Newsletter
Read the latest Ladock Church news in Reverend Ellie's October Newsletter