Flower Festival 2018

See and enjoy all the displays from the Ladock Church Flower Festival commemorating the Centenary of World War 1 in Flowers and Words.

Photos: Courtesy of David James, Tim Howes and Jeremy Mawer.

There are 35 photos for this gallery.
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Preparing for the Flower Festival 'For the Fallen' by Elaine Milling, Chris Rimmer the pupils of Ladock Cof E Primary School 'The Cross of Christ' by Ladock Church Flower Arrangers
'Keep the Home Fires Burning' by Melva McQuillen 'Lament' by Margaret Cock 'Passchendale' by Chris Rimmer and Elain Milling
'Peace' by Lucy Brightly 'The Royal Navy' by Helen Campbell and Sheila Turner 'Poppy Frieze' by Helen Campbell and Family
Granddad 'Going to War' by Nessa Morcom and Janet Law (granddaughters of Raymond Caff) Earl Haig (1861 - 1928)  by Sue Minter and Caroline Cudmore 'Destinations' by David James
'Brothers in Arms' by Renfree LC Stephens and Derek JJ Brooks. Flowers by Margaret Cock 'Shell Shock' Flower arrangement by Angela Milling and words by Shirley Soper 'A Thankful Village' by Lynn Fincher
'Egg Collections' Flower arrangement by Ellie Smith and words by Shirley Soper 'The Very Special Scrapbook' by Ethel Broad 'World War 1 Watercolours' by Anne Strongman
'Edith Cavell' Flower arrangement by Sue Lutey and words by Shirley Soper 'A Patriotic Wreath' by Sue Mawer and 'Sergeant John Scott' by Pat Thomson 'Ladock Cricket Club' by Ladock Cricket Club
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