Flower Festival 2018

See and enjoy all the displays from the Ladock Church Flower Festival commemorating the Centenary of World War 1 in Flowers and Words.

Photos: Courtesy of David James, Tim Howes and Jeremy Mawer.

There are 35 photos for this gallery.
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'Belgian Refugees in Ladock' by Margaret Walker 'If I only  Understood' Flower Arrangement and poem  by Barbara Holt 'Joseph Harrison Butler - Gallipoli 1915-16' by Iain Jamieson Butler
'The Somme' by Heather Forster 'The Canary Girls' by Shirley Soper 'One Silent Night' by Barbara Holt, Hilary Keam, Jo Morcom and Jo Nicolle on behalf of Ladock Church Choir
'Menin Gate at Midnight' Flower arrangement by Jacqui Ball and Painting by Giles Read 'Suffragettes' by Carol Clarke and Jennifer Thomas on behalf of Ladock Women's Institute 'Ladock News - Bygone Days' by Julie Howes
The Involvement of Horses in World War 1' by Sue Lutey 'Scarlet Fields, in Memory of my Grandfather' by Rosie Morris 'Woodbine Willy 1883 - 1929  by Shirley Soper
Menin Gate Style Service Ladock Parish War Memorial  
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