Snowdrops at Nansawsan 2019

Maureen and Michael Cole kindly opened their beautiful garden for us to see their wonderful snowdrops, hellebores, camellias and more on Sunday, 10th February. Delicious refreshments were also available.
Over 50 people ventured out in the cold and a brilliant £240 was raised for church funds.
A huge thank you to Maureen and Michael and all their helpers.

There are 17 photos for this gallery.
Nansawsan House View from Nansawsan House Snowdrops
Snowdrops and crocuses The pet heron guarding the pond! Hellebores and snowdrops
Pink striped camellia Claire and friends admiring the camellias. Helen and Giles enjoying the garden.
A magnificent field of snowdrops! Maureen and Michael's newest snowdrop. The new yellow top snowdrop
Such a beautiful delicate snowdrop. Stunning yellow camellia..... ...and a beautiful pink camellia.
Birdbath surrounded by lovely camellias And finally.. Reverend Ellie surrounded by beautiful camellias!